Price Information of SLUF

Fund Name Validity Date Investor's Purchase Price /unit (Tk.) Investor's Sale
Price / unit (Tk.)
Sandhani Life Unit Fund From August 14 to 17,2016 9.85 9.55
Fund NAV per Share 10.05

Face Value of
Sandhanilife Unit Fund
Taka 10/=


Welcome to the world of Product Innovation and Superior Asset Management

Introducing Alif Assets Management Ltd to deliver unique Mutual Fund product solutions to offer market beating return to the investors. The inherent internal and external capabilities of the compnay are,

Highly Commendable Business Group of the Country

Alif Group is one of the largest export earner of the country operating since 1984. The honorable Chairman of the company Mr. Md Azizul Islam has been a Commercially Important Person (CIP) for the last 17 years. Alif Group has been awarded the National Export Trophy Gold for 4 years on being the highest exporter by Export Promotion Bureau.

The group has nine business concerns in different sectors of business with an annual revenue of Taka 300 crore with a workforce of seven thousand people working in different level.

Experience in Capital Market Operation

Alif Group has been investing in the capital market for last 15 years and currently the Groups' investment portfolio stands over 100 crore in size. Alif Group also has been participating regularly in Pre- IPO placement of newly issues securities of the Capital Market.

Professional Entrepreneurship

We have already established local and international strategic partners to help provide system, process and human resources for the proposed Alif Asset Management Ltd. Our local and international trade reputation linkage with local and international business community already gave us enormous leverage over any other AMC operating in Bangladesh.

In-depth Research

Alif Assets Management has employed 10 capital market analyst for continuous research in the capital market, micro & macroeconomic aspects of Bangladesh. The company procured integrated investment management system from US with dollar value of 200 thousand USD. These show the readiness level of Alif AMC to enter into the Mutual Fund Industry of the country.

Contribution to Education and Health Care and Power Plant

The Chairman of the Alif group sits at Board of governors of Eastern University. He is also the Founding share holder of United Hospital Ltd . Alif group also in operation of a joint venture Power plant project situated at Gopi Bazar Sylhet.

Considering the investment and extensive business experience of Alif group, we now wish to operate as an Asset Management Company under the regulation of Securities and Exchange Commission and serve the country by playing a part in the development of the capital maket in Bangladesh.


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